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Sign Pro 5 is a simple-to-use software program for producing retail sign cards with your personal computer and printer. Sign Pro 5 is not expensive or difficult. There is no lengthy learning curve or huge manual – just simple, easy-to-follow instructions.

Ready Flow Sign Cards can be customized to fit your needs with Sign Pro 5. We have pre-loaded nearly every Ready Flow stock sign card template into Sign Pro 5. You have the ability to move, arrange and edit your text while seeing what your finished card will look like. Before you print, you’ll know just how your sign card will look. And, your custom sign card designs can be added to Sign Pro 5. If you don’t have a custom sign card to add to Sign Pro 5, just call our professional staff and we’ll help you create the perfect sign card utilizing your store name, slogan or logo.Just Ask!

Sign Pro 5 software, combined with your Ready Flow preprinted sign card, gives you the lowest cost, finished sign available. You cannot find a better value anywhere.

Sign Pro 5 requires at least 85 megabytes of disk space. Sign Pro 5 works on all windows systems. It is not available for Macintosh computers.

True WYSIWYG - True WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get – An on-screen sign card template provides you with an exact visual representation of how your sign card will print. You add the text, price point, and any other information you would like. Arrange it on the screen, load your preprinted sign card purchased from Ready Flow, and hit the “print” button. Your information will be transferred directly to the preprinted sign card exactly like it shows on your computer screen. It really is that easy.

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